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Jewelry Care | How to care for your Gold and Silver jewelry

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In order to keep your jewelry beautiful and just as nice as when you first bought it, we recommend avoiding exposure to household bleaches, cleaning products, body lotions and any harsh chemicals. Exposing gold, silver and rose gold products to any of these chemicals may deteriorate and discolor the product. 
We also recommend the following to ensure the luster and longevity of your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry when showering, bathing, or swimming in pools/the ocean
  • Do not apply lotions directly onto your jewelry, instead, apply lotions, body sprays and fragrances before you wear your jewelry and ensure the product has properly dried before wearing your jewelry. 
  • Keep your jewelry in a safe place (Ideally the complimenting jewelry box), away from dust to ensure longtime shine. 
  • Do not wear jewelry when playing sports, or doing any exercise which may cause excess strain on the jewelry such as the chain in our necklaces. In addition, you should avoid wearing our jewelry under any high sweat activities.
  • Remove jewelry when preparing meals & gardening
Note, some jewelry products may lose their luster over time. Simply wipe jewelry with a damn microfiber towel, or contact your local jeweler to polish your jewelry.